Getting a situational view of the market

Measure industry reality. Gain perspective. Act wisely.

Grounded’s Barometer provides the market and companies with global knowledge on specific industries,
aimed at giving a pragmatic view of what is currently happening on the ground.

The Barometer includes a set of indicators, of which the following stand out:

  1. The Annual Industry Confidence Index, which offers us the knowledge about the short, medium and long term expectations about the sector under analysis, evidenced by the sector, on the sector at a given moment;
  2. The Annual Index of Perception about the Present Market Factors gives us the perception about the main issues and happenings that concern the players in the industry.

These indicators represent some of the Barometer’s proprietary measurement tools.  The information contained in them generates insights to guide and inspire more efficient decisions by the players in the industry.
For this, we monitor several markets at different times.